Gøril and Cadbury’s puppies are 5 weeks old

It’s hard to believe the pups are now 5 weeks old. They are incredibly active; they almost seem to be a week ahead of pups we’ve had before. Must be the Norwegian hybrid vigour!

They are spending some time outside most days (when it’s not raining) so they can race around the garden and crash out afterwards. They are lovely when they are asleep. Gøril still feeds them but won’t sleep with them overnight now. We seem to have a constant stream of visitors which is great. Good socialisation for the pups and their new owners are getting to see them growing up as well.

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Mandy Dance’s presentation on grooming a Wirehaired Dachshund

This is from the WHDC Seminar (4/11/17). Mandy Dance explains how to groom, trim and present a Wirehaired Dachshund’s coat.

Wirehaired Dachshund Club Breed Seminar 4/11/17

It was a pleasure to be invited to speak at the WHDC’s Breed Seminar today. This well-attended event included my presentation on the Dachshund Breed Standard in the morning, together with a hands-on session. In the afternoon, Mandy Dance presented on “Wire Coats” and this was followed by practical grooming/trimming sessions where attendees were shown how to tidy and present their dog’s coat.

Well done to the WHDC team for an excellent day; wonderful hospitality to make newcomers welcome and great food as well. Thank you also to the handlers who brought their dogs and allowed me to critique them publicly during the movement discussion.

Here are my slides:

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Gøril and Cadbury’s puppies are 4 weeks old

The pups were 4 weeks old on Wednesday and have started to go outside to explore the garden.

Mum Gøril celebrated by rolling in fox poo today and Dad, Cadbury, enjoyed devouring a  dead pheasant (followed by throwing up for the rest of the day!).

Here are the latest pictures…

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Gøril and Cadbury’s puppies are 3 weeks old

This was a big week for the puppies; they started on proper food (but are still enjoying drinking from Mum, of course), they had their toenails trimmed and they moved house! They are now in a pen in the kitchen where the big dogs can see them and they can start getting used to lots of different noises and experiences.

Here are the latest pictures.

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