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Peter Purves on Dachshunds – Discover Dogs 2014

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Urban myths and the hidden data in the KC Breed Records Supplement

The Breed Council’s Annual Health Report shows the changes in registrations of Dachshunds over the past 15 years and the most spectacular change has been the rise in popularity of Mini Smooths. Their numbers have gone from an average of 1000 a year to nearly 3000 over that period. At the same time, registrations of …


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Naturally Happy Dogs Dachshund Breed Video is now available to view free

Naturally Happy Dogs has now made its Breed video series available for anyone to watch, free of charge. You can watch the Dachshund one via the link from the image below. 24 breeds are currently featured. You’ll also find lots of other useful videos on topics such as training, behaviour, health and wellbeing. . . …

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The Wonder of Dogs: Part 1

Last night (19/9/13), BBC2 broadcast the first programme of three in its series “The Wonder of Dogs”.  Kate Humble and Steve Leonard began their investigation into why this single species comes in so many shapes and sizes – from huge dogs to tiny dogs, working dogs to lap dogs and hairy dogs to hairless dogs. …

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Naturally Happy Dogs – Dachshund Video

In this video by Naturally Happy Dogs, we meet two of the six Dachshund varieties: Wire-haired and Miniature Smooth-haired Dachshunds. People may, if they choose,  just opt to watch the one video for the small fee of £1.95 but there are well over 200 videos on a wide range of canine topics covering everything from health …

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