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Revised FCI Breed Standard for Dachshunds published 7/11/19

The FCI has issued a revised version of their Dachshund Breed Standard. Draft versions of this document have been circulated and were under discussion for some time so it’s good to see it published officially. Compared with previous versions, the translation into English has been improved, although there are still a few quirks that may have …


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Questions from the ringside – how do others see our breed?

This week’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Notes in Our Dogs has a piece about questions asked at the ringside. The writer was asked by a Hound person about the SBT Breed Standard, based on what she was observing in the SBT ring. I found it interesting because virtually all the questions are ones Sue and …

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Difficulties in judging Dachshunds – an FCI perspective

There is an excellent article in the 2017 WUT magazine by Dr Cesare Calcinati. He describes the difficulties of judging Dachshunds and provides some great photographs of judging procedure for the breed. Ignore the fact that he is discussing the FCI Breed Standard and that some of the photos are of dogs that might be …

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WUT Illustrated Commentary on the FCI Dachshund Breed Standard

The WUT has produced an excellent commentary on the FCI Breed Standard with illustrations of correct and faulty construction and movement. You can find it here (PDF).  The majority of this is relevant to the UK Standard and is a helpful explanation for UK judges as well as FCI ones. Note, however, that the labels …

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FCI Dachshund Breed Standard – updated 2017 – what’s changed?

The Spring edition of the WUT Magazine presented an updated version of the FCI Breed Standard for the Dachshund. I have summarised the changes in the document attached, where I have also aligned the FCI Standard with our UK one. You can read across from each UK clause to see what the previous and new FCI …

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