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Championship Show entries for Dachshunds 2007-2018

It’s 3 years since I last analysed the championship show entry trends for Dachshunds. I’ve now analysed the data for 2007-2018 and summarised this in the charts below. Here’s a summary: Smooths: the decline that was seen between 2007 and 2014 has stabilised in the past 4 years but the overall trend has seen approximately …

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The Friday Essay – Our Dogs 26/10/18

How Team GB Cycling would increase dog show entries What can we learn from Team GB Cycling that could be applied to the “problem of declining dog show entries”? Team GB won 6 cycling gold medals at Rio 2016 and that was twice as many as their nearest rival. Before Chris Boardman’s gold at the …

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Failing Breed Clubs: show me the data!

At the KC AGM in May I asked for our Breed Clubs to be provided with the data to demonstrate why the Dog Show Promotion Working Party were concerned that Breed Clubs were failing and that they needed to merge or join forces with General Championship Shows. Specifically, I asked for entry data to show …

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