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UK Dachshunds wanted for RVC Epilepsy & Diet Study

The influence of diet on epilepsy severity is established in humans, with many diets having been shown to improve seizure control.  To confirm the efficacy of a new diet, the Royal Veterinary College would like to recruit dogs which are suspected of having idiopathic epilepsy. – Dogs which have a seizure frequency of at least three seizures …


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Canine Epilepsy: how to help the research

The Dachshund Breed Council received this information about how to participate in research to identify the genes related to Canine Epilepsy.  If you have an epileptic dog, or yours is related to an epileptic dog, please participate in the research by providing cheek swabs… Scientists and clinicians at the Animal Health Trust (www.aht.org.uk) are embarking …

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Breed Council Newsletter – May 2010

The May 2010 Newsletter contains details of how you can participate in two research programmes: cord1 (PRA) in Mini Wire Dachshunds Epilepsy Both programmes are being run by the Animal Health Trust and require cheek swab samples.  The MW cord1 programme is being co-ordinated by Judy Squires of the Miniature Dachshund Club.  Kits to provide …

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New website for Lafora dog owners

A new website called “Lafora Dogs” has been launched to provide help, information and support to owners of Miniature Wire Dachshunds whose dogs suffer from Lafora’s Disease. It is believed that approx. 5% of MWHDs are affected, but until more extensive screening is carried out, this cannot be confirmed. The site founder, Gill Key, says …

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The following links provide useful information on Canine Epilepsy: Clare Rusbridge’s Epilepsy page. AKC White Paper on Epilepsy. InfoDachshund Epilepsy page. UK Canine Epilepsy resources. Canine Epilepsy Resource Centre. Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels. Canine Epilepsy. Canine Epilepsy Network. There is a UK Support Group: Phyllis Croft Foundation for Canine Epilepsy. Read about a Lafora’s Disease …

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