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New e-book available from Dachshund Breed Council

This 2MB pdf e-book has 44 A5 pages of information taken from the Dachshund Breed Council’s website advice on Buying and Owning a Dachshund. Contents include: What to consider if you’re thinking of buying a Dachshund How to recognise a reputable breeder Visiting a breeder – questions to ask Health advice for puppy buyers Your …


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You can now find the links to all our Dachshund FAQs on one sub-page in the “About Dachshunds” Section. Use the “Find stuff quickly!” pull-down menu in the right-hand sidebar to go to posts on specific topics, or enter a key-word into the “Search” box.

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Fat, thin or correct weight Dachshund?

The aim is to feed a quantity that allows your Dachshund to maintain the right weight for his lifestyle; neither under-weight, nor over-weight. Your Dachshund is at an ideal weight if you can easily feel his ribs, but they are not visible. He should have an obvious waist behind the ribs, when viewed from above. …

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How to tell a good breeder’s website

I thought this blog post was worth publicising… Most puppy buyers use the Web to look for puppies.   There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you realise that bad breeders are not sticking to the Exchange and Mart or ads in the Newsagent’s window anymore.  They know where their buyers are and they know how …

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Are Dachshunds hard to train?

Anne Moore (Secretary of the Dachshund Club) and I were asked to write a few words for Dogs Today about the trainability of Dachshunds.  Here are the two questions we were asked and our answers: Do you believe that Dachshunds are harder to train and require special attention? If you want a dog that’s going …

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