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Our website was originally created in 1996 to be your first choice for news, views, photos, show results and information about UK Wirehaired Dachshunds in particular, and Dachshunds in general.

The “News” page is where you’ll find our Blog and latest additions to the site.

Learn “About Dachshunds” and their endearing little habits.

If you’re looking for a Dachshund, visit our “Find/Buy” Page and pages on “Puppies“, “Older Dogs” and “Where to buy“.

We have a Breed Council and 16 Breed Clubs in the UK.  Contact any of the Secretaries if you need help and advice.

You’ll find information about Seminars, Judging Trials, Fun Days and other events on our “Education” page.

The Breed Council publishes information on current “Health and Welfare” issues and there are lots of links from our H&W page.

We have collected many useful “Links” to commercial sites and other general dogs sites.

For information on Breed Standards, show dates, judges and results visit our “Showing” page.

And finally, to find out more about the “Sunsong” Dachshunds, visit our page.

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