International Dog Health Workshop – Dachshund Health Poster

Later this week, I will be speaking at the 4th International Dog Health Workshop which is being co-hosted by the Kennel Club and International Partnership for Dogs.

My presentation is on the subject of Breed-specific Health Strategies and, to support this, I have created a poster that summarises some of the things we have been doing in the Dachshund Breed Council to create and implement our Breed Strategy. PDF: IPFD Poster 2019

The strategy uses a 4-stage model from the KC Breed Health Coordinators’ Strategy Guide:

  • Lead
  • Plan
  • Engage
  • Improve

You can read more about the DBC’s Breed Health Strategy and our Annual Report at

IDHW poster - small

IDHW poster - lead

IDHW poster - plan

IDHW poster - engage

IDHW poster - improve

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